Our companies

The organisation of Selkämeren Jää Oy consists of the parent company and the subsidiary Oy Omega Shipping Ab. Oy Hellströms Fisk Ab has coalesced to Oy Omega Shipping Ab at the beginning of the year 2018. Hellströms Fisk still operates as an auxiliary business name. The organisation also includes Oy Hellströmming Ab as an affiliated company.


Our services

We have enhanced our acquisition chain to its peak to guarantee us constant and high-class materials and services.

Herring Fishing

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Our two trawlers Westfjord and Hanne fish fresh material to our facilities from all around the Gulf of Bothnia.
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Herring freezing

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In our most effective days we freeze over 250 tons of fish. In addition we deliver about 25 million kilos of herring to our clients yearly.
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Ceasing of layers

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You can get a perfect service for your farm to cease chickens, which have ended their egg laying – approriately and professionally.
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